SynVaccine has developed SynRAD - a proprietary engine that builds on two recent revolutions:  big data and synthetic biology, specifically the ability to boot viruses from code to life.


SynRAD enables, for the first time, the rational design and construction of viral-based products. Not mere editing or manipulation of a specific genome, but the creating of tailor-made products from scratch, with exact specifications.

Our process consists of 3 stages:



Learning From Evolution and Formulating the Rules

Viruses are nature-made solutions to many of our problems, and have been optimized by evolution to become vehicles to deliver DNA to specific cells, teach the body about the pathogens and fix faulty genes.

Studying the evolution of viruses over 3 billion years, is the best source of learning the natural rules behind their operation. Once you know the rules of operation, and you can bend those rules, you can change the operation to suit your needs.



Integration of Tools

After we design the desired viral-based product based on the rules we formulated, we boot the computer code to life.

Technologies of gene editing and synthesis are varied and constantly evolving. Unlike most procedures, we do not limit ourselves to one, but rather pick the building tool (or combination of tools) based on the product we want to make. In addition to our own unique protocols, this helps us optimize the cost efficiency of the process.



Two-Way Fine Tuning

The last phase is validating the product in relevant animal studies. Breaking from current technology, our testing is not “one-way”. If we test the product and see that some alteration is required, we are able to go back to the design, and change it as necessary, including very subtle fine tuning. We do not need to start over from scratch, and we are never stuck with a less-than- optimal product.