Technological Collaborators

SynVaccine has licensed technology from both the Weizmann institute of science and Tel Aviv university to support its inhouse vaccine development strategy. 


SynVaccine's technology is utilizes Synthetic Biology technology for DNA editing from the lab of Prof. Ehud Shapiro of the Department of Computer Science and Applied Math and the Department of Biological Chemistry at the Weizmann Institute of Science and technology for computational modeling and engineering of gene expression from the lab of Dr. Tamir Tuller of the Computational and System Biology Biomedical Engineering and the Edmond J. Safra Center for Bioinformatics at the Tel-Aviv University.

Weizmann institute of science
Prof. Ehud Shapiro's lab

Research in the lab of Prof. Shapiro during the past decade into the field of synthetic biology has led to the development of platform technology for computer aided manufacturing (CAM) of synthetic DNA code. SynVaccine has licensed this platform and cooperates with the Shapiro lab at the Weizmann institute to leverage these technologies for the CAM of therapeutic viruses. 

Tel - Aviv University
Prof. Tamir Tuller's lab


Research in the lab of Prof. Tuller focuses on computational synthetic biology. Specificcally, Prof. Tuler's lab has developed technology for the rational design (CAD) of viral genomes. Through both cooperation and exclusive licesncing with SynVaccine, wer're currently re-designing viral genomes that can be used as safe and effective vaccines.