Veterinary Vaccines

The veterinary vaccine market is vast and expanding. As global agriculture is strained to feed the growing population, effective, rapid and cost-efficient animal vaccines become a critical challenge for humanity.


Current development technologies struggle to answer the challenges sufficiently. The increase in livestock population necessitates a more efficient way for vaccine delivery, repeated breakouts of livestock diseases pose a threat, prevailing strains of viruses in the fields see current vaccines unable to cope, etc.

Our technology rational design and rapid, cost-efficient manufacturing of tailor-made vaccines – is uniquely positioned to address many of these challenges.


Platform technology – SynVaccine methodology can be applied to any virus, not only specific ones, and not just ones we have studied. This means we are equipped to provide solutions to a full range of diseases, including newly mutated strains.


Rapid – SynVaccine’s CAD/CAM process, in which we design the optimal product ourselves rather than search for it – is significantly faster than current technology.


Cost-Efficient – Thanks to our unique integration of building tools, and our two-way validation process that allows us to fine-tine the product before manufacturing, the process saves a lot of the costs of the less accurate development methods.


SynVaccine has ongoing collaborations with strategic partners in the animal health sector (undisclosed) aiming to disrupt the veterinary vaccine market.