Introducing Synthetic Virology 


SynVaccine's proprietary technology for computer-aided design/computer aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) of viruses is the first fully integrated platform for synthetic virology. Our technology, originally developed for over 12 years by independent groups in academia, has been exclusively liscenced from the Weizmann Institute of Science (Prof. Ehud Shapiro Lab) and Tel-Aviv University (Dr. Tamir Tuller Lab). It enables the rapid design, manufacture and validation multiple, de-novo designed viruses for various biotechnology applications. We're currently developing these synthetic viruses as vaccine candidates for unmet Human disease.

Virus genome design


Proprietary bioinformatic technology for the analysis and computer-aided design (CAD) of viral genomes.

Virus Construction


Unique, patented computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technology for the design and physical construction of synthetic viruses.

Vaccine Validation


A streamlined flow for testing and validation of vaccine candidtes.