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Introducing Synthetic Virology 


SynVaccine's proprietary platform technology for computer-aided design/computer aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) of viruses is the first fully integrated platform for synthetic virology. Our technology, developed for over 15 years by independent groups in academia, has been exclusively licensed from Tel-Aviv University (Prof. Tamir Tuller's Lab). SynVaccine's platform enables the rapid design, manufacture and validation of multiple, de-novo designed viruses for various applications. We're currently developing these synthetic viruses as vaccine candidates for unmet Human disease.

Virus genome design


Proprietary bioinformatic technology for the analysis and computer-aided design (CAD) of viral genomes.

Virus Construction


Unique, patented computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technology for the design and physical construction of synthetic viruses.

Vaccine Validation


A streamlined flow for testing and validation of vaccine candidtes.

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